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Free Trial

If you’re interested in just how good our drum scanning really is, feel free to send us a couple of slides/transparencies or frames (or just one if it’s a 10×8 or a 4,000dpi 5×4!) and we’ll scan them free of charge*. Just include a self-addressed envelope with the correct postage on it. If you’re unsure of the postage, please email or call.

Once we’ve scanned we’ll upload a jpeg of your scan to wetransfer.com for you and return your film. Please make sure you send individual frames (not strips) or permission to snip the individual frame out. Getting a great scan of your photos is like upgrading your camera without all the bother! We look forward to seeing your film!

NB If there is no stamped and self-addressed envelope included, a £5 administration fee will be added to the correct postage and will need paying before scanning commences and originals are returned.

*Please note this does not apply to urgent orders and cannot be combined with another order.