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Welcome to the Home of Drum Scanning

We’re making drumscanning.co.uk the go to place for making the most out of your analog photography. Whether you’ve just started with film or have a large back catalog we can give you access to the best scans ever made at very reasonable prices. Take a look around to see what we can offer!

Highlight Recovery

Blown out images? If there’s anything there at all we can save it.

Shadow Recovery

Dig out those old unprintable transparencies and we’ll rescue them for you!

Stunning Resolution

Clean and sharp scans from 35mm up to 16″x20″

Attention to Detail

We’ll make sure we choose the best settings for your images.

Bulk Scanning

If you have a large number of scans to make, we have the equipment to ensure you don’t sacrifice quality and can give you discounted rates.

35mm Film

35mm film still produces excellent results – check out this scan of Superia 1600 from one of our clients!


No other scanner can produce the high resolution quality of a well maintained drum scanner.


There are no other options to get the most detail and colour out of the shadows slide film.


Less well known is the drum scanner’s ability to recover highlight detail.

Consistent Sharpness

Film is mounted to optically and geometrically flat acrylic drums ensuring perfect edge to edge sharpness.

Dust and Scratches

The optical quality fluid used to mount the film to the drum scanner reduces light scattering, cleans dust and fills scratches.

High Contrast Edges

Another lesser known advantage of drum scanning is clean, high contrast edges without haloes.


Chromatic Aberrations

Lens based scan capture can result in chromatic colour separation. Drum scanning capture each pixel one at a time and hence avoids this problem.

Accurate Colour

The combination of a drum scanner and a custom measured, high end Hutch colour target result in unsurpassed colour reproduction.


Colour Negatives

The low dynamic range and orange mask of colour negatives is very demanding of a scanning system. Our hand inverted drum scans give better results than any automated system.

Send Some Film for a Free Trial Now!

We’re so confident that you’ll come back once you’ve seen our work that we’ll let you have a couple of frames for free. Send them over and we’ll show you what we’re capable of and if you like what you see we’ll even give you a discount on your first order!

Send Some Film!