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Our prices are mostly based on the space that the film takes on the drum and the amount of time to handle the file that is produced. The price is per photo (see below for film strips and slides).


dpipricecolour negpixels300dpi print in mmlong edge (inch/metre)Mburgent
35mm6000£14.00+£38503 x 5670720 by 48028" / 0.7m300Mb+50%
Xpan6000£16.00+£35670 x 15356480 by 1,30051" / 1.3m812Mb+50%
6456000£16.00+£313400 x 102751,135 by 87045" / 1.1m850Mb+50%
6x65000£16.00+£311417 x 11417967 by 96738" / 1m780Mb+50%
6x75000£16.00+£311417 x 14271967 by 1,20848" / 1.2m977Mb+50%
6x95000£18.00+£411417 x 17125967 by 1,51057" / 1.5m1.17Gb+50%
6x124000£18.00+£49134 x 18628773 by 1,57762" / 1.6m1.5Gb+50%
6x173000£20.00+£46849 x 19842580 by 1,68066" / 1.7m810Mb+50%
6x174000£26.00+£49132 x 26456773 by 2,24088" / 2.2m1.45Gb+50%
5x43000£20.00+£411338 x 14172960 by 1,20047" / 1.2m920Mb+50%
5x44000£28.00+£415118 x 188961,280 by 1,60063" / 1.6m1.7Gb+50%
5x72000£20.00+£412597 x 176371,066 by 1,49059" / 1.5m1.2Gb+50%
5x73000£28.00+£418896 x 264561,600 by 2,24088" / 2.2m1.6Gb+50%
10x82000£58.00+£415118 x 188961,280 by 1,60063" / 1.6m1.7Gb+50%
strips will be charged plus 50% of unscanned frames

Colour Negatives

We hand invert colour negatives to ensure that no highlight or shadow detail is lost – we make a small charge for this service but the results speak for themselves. If you have old film that has strong colour casts we can also post process these to correct them for the same charge as colour negative inversion. If you wish to invert your negatives yourselves or don’t mind an automated inversion, please get in touch or make this clear in your package.

Turnaround Time

We typically are able to start uploading scans withing 10 working days but our guarantee is 20 working days. If you wish to pay the urgent surcharge (50%) then we endeavour to turn the job around in 2 working days. Please call to confirm availability for urgent jobs. We can only upload approximately 5Gb per day so large orders may take a few days to finish uploading.

Returning Film

Return postage varies depending on the size of the parcel. UK is typically £2.45 (first class signed up to 100g). If you require special delivery for UK postage, please let us know on your order. We will return film once full payment has been received.

International Orders

Please let us know what service you require for return postage. For returning international film we can either use Royal Mail International Delivery which had a few options or a courier such as DHL Express (which are reasonably charged). We haven’t lost any film yet but if you have a particular preference we can usually accommodate it.

Returning Scans

If you can send a USB stick there is no charge. We can supply San Disk USB sticks (see below) at cost price.

  • 32Gb £8
  • 64Gb £10
  • 128Gb £18

Roll Film Strips

Roll film should be trimmed to each individual frame that needs scanning otherwise a surcharge will be added up to 50% of the cost of the unscanned frames on the strip (please contact us regarding this. If we are relatively quiet we may be able to reduce this).

35mm Slides

Please check that it is easy to remove film from any mounts or frames. If a frame needs substantial cleaning (because of glue for instance) a surcharge will be added up to 50% of the cost of the scan. This is typically only a problem with some 35mm slide mounts that are fixed in place using red ‘goo’ which is, quite frankly, the work of the devil. we will attempt to return the film to it’s original packaging/mount if it is simple to do so.

Scanning the Rebate

We always include a part of the rebate in each scan so that you get 100% of the image area. However, scanning to include all of the rebate causes problems with our scanner’s autofocus occasionally and we normally have to rescan every third or fourth scan because of this. Because of this, we will include a 20% surcharge on each scan where the whole rebate needs to be included.

Long Strips

Our drum scanner has a limit of approximately 400mm as the maximum length of film it can work with. Any larger film would need to scanned in sections which would involve splitting the film or using our flatbed to stitch together multiple sections (a time consuming job). Please get in touch if you wish to scan anything larger than 6×12 or 10×8″.

Keeping Film in Order

There is an administrative overhead involved in ensuring film is returned to exactly the same sleeve or slide holder and in order to keep our costs down, our default position is to return film to any available strip or sleeve etc. If you wish to send us work that must be returned to the correct sleeves, please mark this clearly and we will add a 15% surcharge to the final amount.

Large Orders

For orders over £100, a 50% initial payment is needed. If you are a first time customer with an order over £30, payment in advance of work is required. If you have a very large order (over £500) please call to confirm turnaround times.

Payment Options

You can pay via Paypal, cheque (made payable to Bespoke Photographic Services Ltd) or bank transfer (details available upon request).