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After the completion of a long term photography project, I was determined to achieve the best possible results from my medium format negatives. I had scan samples from 4 different local services that ranged from full drum scans to virtual drum scans (Imacon/Hasselblad) all of which I was not fully satisfied with. I then looked online and found drum scanning UK, Tim’s scans were first class! The photographs that I was so familiar with had a whole new level of detail, tonal range,colour and of course unbelievable resolution and sharpness. I was able to make changes in shadow areas and contrast that I previously was unable to do. The files were that clean I was able to make creative changes rather than the laborious task of removing scratches, hairs and other imperfections. The final prints made from the scan’s that Tim has produced yielded outstanding results one print, in particular, a portrait of a local character who unfortunately died last summer was so detailed and visceral it made one of his relatives cry with emotion as in her words “it was like he was physically there.” The other important factor to mention about Professional Drum Scanning is the value for money, it’s clear from the scans that Tim puts a great deal of time and attention to detail to perfect the results and at a much lower cost than many labs around. The combination of attention to detail, artistry and value for money they will be the go-to place for all my film work. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive of sending my negatives away by post that’s why I chose local labs to begin with. But this was not a problem in the slightest, Charlotte who is head of marketing provided me with up to date communication and estimates of production time, she instantly responded to any queries and provided me with professional and friendly updates regarding the process. I highly recommend Professional Drum Scanning!