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“Perhaps professional drum scanning isn’t the first thing that springs to mind for an illustrator looking to reproduce artwork, but Charlotte and Tim Parkin are also in the possession of some fabulous flatbed scanners. I needed some high resolution scans of the hand drawn maps and illustrations for my new project ‘Walks on Bidean nam Bian‘.

The scans they have just produced for my book project are of absolutely first class quality. The illustrations are black and white using a mixture of pencil and ink pen with a light wash of graphite powder suspended in a thin glaze of zinc white oil colour. I knew that to reproduce the graphite sheen would be a challenge but I needn’t have feared.

The depth of detail and exquisite tonality are quite outstanding when seen up close with even tiny particles of graphite visible where they have separated out in the glaze. Subtle contrasts and even the delicate textures of the ground are rendered perfectly.

┬áTo say I am pleased with the results would be doing Charlotte and Tim a disservice, I am thrilled and would not hesitate to recommend their friendly and professional scanning services. You can find out more” – David Unsworth


Pen and Wash illustration (Fuji Lanovia Scan)