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“Professional Drum Scanning (PDS) has proven to be a wonderful discovery and an excellent resource for me.
Over decades spent as a Creative Director and Graphic Designer, in the fields of Advertising, Graphic Design and Marketing, I became very familiar with having transparency film images drum scanned for professional print reproduction. During this time I was also developing my photography hobby, while living and working in different countries, and had amassed a large collection of 35mm colour slides. It was my long-term ambition and goal, to have the best of these images drum scanned.”

35mm transparency

zoomed section – some sharpening applied

This was with a view to publishing the images in books, as well as potentially having them represented by image libraries. However, as the years passed, I became concerned that Drum Scanning had virtually ceased to exist, since digital technologies had almost completely eliminated the use of traditional film. There are various other means to digitize transparency images, but my own past experience made me wary of trusting anything other than Drum Scanning as the ultimate method for achieving the best possible results.

Given all of the above, I was both delighted and relieved to have come across PDS. Tim and Charlotte make a great team, with their wealth of knowledge and expertise in photography, and they share a passion for extracting the maximum from every image. With PDS, it’s not just about having the equipment and knowing how to operate it. Rather, it’s about craftsmanship, caring, artistry and the commitment to quality. Tim and Charlotte are also great communicators, which makes working with them a pleasure.

I sincerely hope that PDS will continue to offer their professional services for many years to come, as I feel sure that I will still be a loyal PDS customer long into the future.

35mm transparency

zoomed section – Topaz Sharpen AI applied