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I have been photographing motorsport since the early 1980s primarily using 35mm slide film as well as 120 roll film using a rather cumbersome Pentax 67. When I decided to create a book of my photography it was inevitable that many of my images would come from this film stock. I quickly realised that I needed professional help with scanning the images. I wasn’t sure who to turn to and as is often the case these days I looked to the internet to see who was out there. After several days searching I finally settled on Tim and Charlotte. There was something very appealing about dealing with real people rather than a faceless anonymous business, I was after all entrusting some of my most prized original films to them.

An initial enquiry received a friendly, informative response and I immediately felt I was dealing with the right people. Many of images were dusty after years of storage and I wasn’t sure how they would scan. I can only say that I was very pleasantly surprised at how they turned out. Seeing those high resolution images on my computer screen after all those years was quite something, exploring the detail of say Ayrton’s smoking tyres off the grid at Brand’s Hatch or Keke Rosberg’s Williams blasting around Silverstone. The book ’Trackside’ was duly published and received excellent reviews most commenting on the clarity of the images taken some forty years earlier.

I have continued to work with Tim and Charlotte and am now in the process of writing a book covering the 70 year history of the Macau Grand Prix. A number of the images in the book are from the 1950s and again I’m delighted by how crisp they appear once scanned. The whole process is extremely well managed and very professional but always with a human touch that makes such a difference and gives such confidence. I honestly cannot speak highly enough of them.

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