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Testimonial / Michael Caddy

“Having worked with film all my life, sharpness and depth of colour are paramount to my work. The quality achieved by scanners has never been to my satisfaction, that is until I phoned Tim who assured me about the quality of his drum scans, He also worked with me every step of the way to produce the finest scans I have ever seen.”

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Testimonial / Alex Taylor

“Tim Has managed to pull out some detail which to be honest i did not know existed in my 6×7 trannies.The quality of the scans are to die for and better than any i have had done before the sharpness and colour rendition are just amazing! Thanks again Tim”

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Testimonial / Wilfried Welti

“After enduring a scanning odyssey, I finally found the right place. Who would expect the cheapest drum scanning service to be so good? I’m absolutely impressed by the incredible cleanliness and clarity of these scans. The forensic scan service is amazing too. It’s almost like cheating to get so much dynamic range with slides.”

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Testimonial / I-Liang Siu

“This is my first experience with drum scan, but I’m very satisfied with what I received (I opted for the standard 2000 dpi scans). Tim responded very quickly to my emails, and even sent some jpg proofs late Sunday night so that I could get a preview. The scans are quite sharp, very little signs of dust, and shadow details match the originals quite well. And the price is right. Thumbs up from me.”

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Testimonial / Charles Twist

“I am speechless. I am going around with a dazed smile. I don’t normally write recommendations, but you may quote me. What you have drawn out of that tranny, is extraordinary: I am seeing parts that I didn’t know existed, that I couldn’t see on the light box. I’ll be going through my transparencies anew knowing how much more life there may now be in them. Well done!”

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