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Testimonial / Adrian Tyler

If you are looking for the highest quality scans for your negative or positive film you have come to the right place. The reasons for this are twofold, firstly, Tim Parkin applies the highest degree of technical skill and knowledge in both mounting and scanning to the... read more

Testimonial / Yan Preston

I’ve worked with Bespoke Photographic Services ever since I began to shoot in large-format many years ago. All my exhibitions around the world, with prints as big as 1.5m x 1.8m, are produced with scanned files supplied by them. During this period, Tim and Charlotte... read more

Testimonial / Robert Watson

I’m not saying it’s necessary to have your film drum scanned but why take the time to shoot film for all its worth then cut corners at the last hurdle. The detail a good drum scan pulls from the film is addictive. Highlight and shadow detail that a flatbed scanner can... read more

Testimonial / Andrew Kerr

Professional Drum Scanning have done an excellent job scanning a number of 6×7 colour negatives for me. These had previously been scanned elsewhere, but the PDS scans have brought out much more detail and are exceptionally clean. They clearly know what they’re... read more

Testimonial / Lewis Jackson

After the completion of a long term photography project, I was determined to achieve the best possible results from my medium format negatives. I had scan samples from 4 different local services that ranged from full drum scans to virtual drum scans... read more

Testimonial / Pasquale Calone

The Professional Drum Scanning Lab is the best place that you can find to make your scans at the best price. The quality of the file is simply amazing! A lot of detail in the shadow and in the highlights, the image is naturally sharp and clear, there is no comparison... read more

Testimonial / Sam Rutter

Tim & Charlotte have smashed all my expectations when it came to receiving my first scan back, the quality and detail obtained from my 6×7 negative is like nothing I’ve seen before. They offer an ingenious ‘free trial’ and I can promise you, you will be... read more

Testimonial / Martin Fredrikzon

Personalized service from a highly professional team. I have been using Professional Drum Scanning’s services for many years now and the guys are just awesome to deal with. The high level of professionalism when it comes to photography, digitalizing &... read more

Testimonial / Alex Gandy

I’m relatively new to analogue photography and have found that getting quality scans is a real challenge. I couldn’t be happier with the service from Tim and Charlotte. My images are shot on 645 negatives and generally dark and contrasty, so noise can be... read more

Testimonial / Noritaka Minami

Tim did a fantastic job scanning my photographs that were shot on 6×9 Ilford Delta 3200. I initially struggled to get satisfactory scans of images shot on this film using a virtual drum scanner (Imacon/Hasselblad). The scans made by Tim with his Heidelberg... read more