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Testimonial / Tom Selmon

“When I got my first set of drummed scanned images back I was blown away by the colours and detail. From there I was completely hooked on using this method of scanning, I felt it gave the most justice to the imagery I put all that effort into creating. Charlotte... read more

Testimonial / Paul Wakefield

Paul Wakefield is one of a handful of truly pivotal landscape photographers in the UK. Most of his commercial work has been for major clients, particularly automotive, outdoors and spirits. His personal work has been seen in a set of books about the UK with Jan Morris... read more

Testimonial / Gerd Ludwig

We were comparing the results of drum scans with digital camera reproductions of 35mm film using a high quality macro lens and the highest resolution cameras available. The drum scans were not only at least as sharp as the digital camera results but, more importantly, were substantially better in terms of tonality and colour accuracy.

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Testimonial / Chino Moya

I discovered Tim and Charlotte’s company a few years ago and it totally opened up my possibilities working on large format. Not only I could scan my negatives at the best quality without paying extortionate London prices, but also I could have the type of... read more

Testimonial / Gideon Mendel

I have to say that I have been blown away by the quality of the drum scans that Tim has produced for me. Working from difficult negatives he has made drum scans that amazed me and the printers I work with.

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Testimonial / Adrian Tyler

If you are looking for the highest quality scans for your negative or positive film you have come to the right place. The reasons for this are twofold, firstly, Tim Parkin applies the highest degree of technical skill and knowledge in both mounting and scanning to the... read more

Testimonial / Yan Preston

I’ve worked with Bespoke Photographic Services ever since I began to shoot in large-format many years ago. All my exhibitions around the world, with prints as big as 1.5m x 1.8m, are produced with scanned files supplied by them. During this period, Tim and Charlotte... read more

Testimonial / Robert Watson

I’m not saying it’s necessary to have your film drum scanned but why take the time to shoot film for all its worth then cut corners at the last hurdle. The detail a good drum scan pulls from the film is addictive. Highlight and shadow detail that a flatbed scanner can... read more

Testimonial / Andrew Kerr

Professional Drum Scanning have done an excellent job scanning a number of 6×7 colour negatives for me. These had previously been scanned elsewhere, but the PDS scans have brought out much more detail and are exceptionally clean. They clearly know what they’re... read more