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Testimonial / Thomas Heaton

Last year, Thomas Heaton asked us to make a scan of one of his 6×17 black and white images which he wanted for a ‘special project’. Here’s the video he made, which includes a little snippet from ourselves…... read more

Testimonial / Katharine MacDaid

“I first sent some work to be drum scanned when I was getting ready to print my book, The Fireweed Turns. Another photographer had advised me about Professional Drum Scanning (PDS), and I am forever grateful for that information. I had done all my own scanning... read more

Testimonial / Garry Simpson

“The trouble with drum scans is they are just too good! Once you’ve had work drum scanned by a good operator nothing comes close to the subtlety of tone and colour that these machines deliver. Unfortunately, that often comes at a hefty price and results can... read more

Testimonial / Steve Ferrier

I’ve been using Professional Drum Scanning now for five years, mostly for exhibition prints – some very large – and always from 6×7 negs. The price and turnaround time make it an simple addition to my workflow when I need either a very large print, or... read more

Testimonial / Andrew Simpson

Being quite new to film I only read about drum scanning very recently and decided to take advantage of the generous offer to get a couple of free scans. The process on contacting Tim and Charlotte was very simple with friendly help and on receipt of the film, they... read more

Testimonial / Dawn Woolley

Until recently I was able to scan my large and medium format negatives at work but the pandemic meant that I no longer had access to a high-resolution scanner. A colleague recommended Professional Drum Scanning. I was a little nervous about sending my negatives... read more

Testimonial / Magnus Lindgren

I started with medium format photography in 2014. It took my photography to a new level with 6 x 7 negatives. I photograph a lot of urban landscapes and landscapes with human impact. I also photograph concerts with a medium format camera as a long term project. I... read more

Testimonial / Craig Shand

I have only recently started using the drum scan services provided by Tim and Charlotte, but I am certainly glad I have. They provide a high-quality professional service with excellent communication. I was completely blown away with the quality, depth of textures and... read more

Testimonial / John Taylor

I came across Professional Drum Scanning after I had some poor scans done by another company. I had considered drum scanning but was put off by the cost of the London labs and decided to try cheaper standard scanning, a mistake. I then began to search for an... read more

Testimonial / Martin Cooper

Historically my work of 40 years has been recorded onto large format transparencies. In recent years I have started transferring some of these transparencies into a digital format with varying results – many have been very disappointing. Finding PDS has been... read more